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Why choosing xPERT-O?
  • Difficulty to see what’s important, to reach a consensus or take right decisions?
  • Getting lost in perpetual back and forth debates between departments?
  • Lost knowledge and forgotten expertise?
  • Willingness to analyze and co-create together?

Your solution: xPERT-O!

With xPERT-O, simplify complexity, capitalize on your business knowledge and visualize graphically the key issues.

An unmatched ROI:
Payback in less than 60 days
  • Identification of root causes that impact the benefits
  • Higher consensus on better decisions
  • Less meetings, less travels, faster decision-making processes
  • ....

xPERT-O will quickly become an essential tool for you!

xPERT-O in a nutshell:
  • A collaborative SaaS web tool
  • Intuitive and simple
  • Remote and simultaneous use …up to 40 people
  • Secured and protected
  • Artificial Intelligence Based
  • 3D Virtual Reality mode
Using xPERT-O to:
  • Identify the key opportunities for an Innovation Project
  • Capturing knowledge, creating a collective memory for Knowledge Management
  • Identify the levers of action for a Quality Management System
  • Identify critical risks and major issues in a Risk Analysis
  • Generate consensus on key challenges during an Organizational Process
  • Create thriving momentum and highlight the drivers of Change
  • Focus on the essential parameters of a Process Improvement
xPERT-O assets:
  • Always up to date wherever it is used on all devices
  • Powerful algorithms to identify key issues
  • Many visualization and filtering modes to explore the networks
  • The ability to collaborate at the same time on the same network
  • Documentation of the issues introduced
Pricing plans

xPERT-O can be used in different configurations

  • 1 user
  • 1 portfolio
  • 1 project
  • ∞ networks
  • on cloud
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  • 1 user
  • 1 portfolio
  • 1 project
  • ∞ networks
  • 15 guests
  • on cloud
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  • private deployment
  • customization
The origin
xFIVE is an accelerator of innovation! We design and develop innovative products and services for our customers, from the idea to their realization on the targeted markets. We have developed xPERT-O as a tool for our methodology 2A2CI which is a pragmatic, collaborative and effective approach to structuring innovation.
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