Simplify complexity. Develop together collective intelligence and share knowledge within your organization. Visualize graphically the road towards solutions of complex problems.


Everyone can express his point of view on a fluid way, while interacting with several others.


Transforming a complex problematic in a network of interconnected nodes is easy game with xPERT-O !


In a few minutes, you have access to the full power of the xPERT-O tools.

xPERT-O in a nutshell

XPERT- O is your tool to model complex situations, to highlight key challenges within the problematic you are working on.

In a few minutes, you will be able to create, modify, improve a network of problems and partial solution. And so, you will highlight the key nodes by which to attack your problematic and find the solutions which will really move the boundaries.

With all the concerned people in a collaborative way, you can model as a network of nodes the functioning of your process, the value proposition of your innovation, the implementation of your organization. And by applying intelligent algorithms on this network, you will put in evidence the key points to attack for developing solutions.

xPERT-O allows you to :

  • Create your workspace with your collaborators to tackle projects.
  • Create your networks of nodes (problems and challenges, solutions and opportunities, etc) thanks to the edition mode and its numerous tools.
  • Work collaboratively on the same network at the same time with other people, on the place or remote. And develop by this way collective intelligence and shared knowledge on the complex problems you are working on.
  • Visualize your networks with various sorting tools and filters to better highlight the key points of the studied problems.

The origin

At xFIVE , we design and develop products and innovative services for our customers, from the idea till their materialization on the target markets, thanks to, among others tools, a pragmatic, collaborative and effective methodological approach to structure the innovation: 2A2CI.

This approach relies in its heart on the modelling of the problematic of our customer by integrating the expertise, the testimonies and the experiences of all stakeholders. Without particular support, this capture of information coming from everywhere becomes uncontrolled. And one can quickly lose sight on what is essential to tackle at first.

That is why we have decided at xFIVE to set up an intuitive tool which allows to model and consolidate complex situations by decomposing them into a set of simple nodes, connected to each other by cause-effect links. So, we can quickly obtain networks of problems and partial solutions, which is a modelling way at the cutting edge of technology. Then, by applying centrality algorithms (as those of Google), one can highlight easily the central nodes in a complex network.

So, we obtain an objective view, which has been collectively constructed, and which indicates in fluid way the most important stakes in a complex problematic. It is the ambition of xPERT-O and the main reason why xFIVE developed this tool.

More info on xPERT-O by contacting us at info@xPERT-O.com

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